Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out if someone owns real estate in Washington County?

You may call our office at 740-373-6623 or use this website.

What is the market value of my real estate on your records?

You may call our office at 740-373-6623 or use this website.

I think the Auditor's appraised market value of my property is too high, (or too low), what are my options?

Call us at 740-373-6623 or use this website. If the information is correct on your appraisal card and you still feel the value is incorrect, you may file a complaint with the Washington County Board of Revision. Filing a complaint with the BOR entitles you to a hearing with the Board (County Commissioner, the County Treasurer and the County Auditor). The hearings are usually held each year in April and May. At that time you will need to present information such as an appraisal report or current sales data for similar properties in your neighborhood. The complaint form must be filed by March 31st. You may call to request a form or print if off our website.

What is the Homestead Exemption and how do I apply?

Senior citizens aged 65 and over and all permanently and totally disabled Washington County homeowners may obtain property tax relief on their principal residences by simply completing the homestead application and submitting it to the Auditor’s Office. Form DTE-105A is also available on the Forms page.

What is C.A.U.V. and do I qualify? What is an Ag District?

CAUV stands for Current Agricultural Use Value and active farms may qualify for the reduction in value. You must have crops, animals, and/or commercial timber on at least 10 acres. You may have someone else farm your property. The application is on our website or you may call our office for the form. There is a one-time $25.00 filing fee AND you must renew the application every year. Failure to renew your application will result in the loss of the value reduction and recoupment of the previous three years tax savings.

An ag district is a type of farm protection program. Your land must be in the CAUV program and you must file an application every 5 years. There is no filing fee for this program. This application can be found here: DTE Form 109.

For more information, see:

Consulting Foresters and Technicians

Industry Foresters and Technicians

How do I qualify for the 2 1/2% property tax exemption?

All residents that live in the house they own may apply for the 2 1/2% reduction of real estate taxes. If you own more than one home, you may only apply for your main residence. The application is on our website or you may call our office for the form.

Where are deeds transferred?

Deeds are transferred in our office.

If I think I did not receive the right amount of fuel for my vehicle, what do I do?

You may call or email my office to report the problem. The station and the pump will then be checked. We cannot check the quality of the fuel at this time, but the Auditor’s Association is working with the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Ohio Weights and Measure Association to formulate a new law. Some Ohio legislators are waiting to introduce the legislation.

I hear I need a permit to move my mobile/manufactured home. Do I have to register my mobile/manufactured home? Do I pay taxes?

Yes, a new law passed last year requires a permit to move a mobile or manufactured home. The cost is $5.00 and is purchased in our office. Failure to purchase the permit will result in a $100 fine for both the MH owner and the mover. All manufactured/mobile homes must be registered within 30 days of placement in our county. There are MH taxes similar to real estate taxes.

When do I purchase my dog's license? At what age is the dog license necessary?

All dogs at least 3 months old must be registered by January 31st of each year. All dogs new to the county must be licensed within 30 days of residency. Renewal applications are mailed each year during the first week of December. The cost is $16.00 per license. The late fee is also $16.00 per Ohio law. Applications may be printed from our website or you may call our office for one. Purchase your dog license online here.

Where do I purchase a vendor's license?

Vendor’s licenses allow a retailer to collect sales tax. It is not a license to use to avoid paying sales tax. The application is available on our website and in our office. The application fee is $25.00. Obtaining a vendor’s license will then require you to file personal property tax returns, the first one is due 90 days after the start of business.

What happens if I file late or pay my bill late?

Filing your personal property tax return late will mean a loss of ½ of your tax exemption, plus a penalty of up to 50%. Late payment penalty is 10% plus interest.

Where do I pay an estate tax?

Estate tax returns are to be filed in the County Auditor’s Fiscal Office within 9 months from the date of death. Checks are to be made payable to the Washington County Treasurer.

Where do I obtain my cigarette license?

Cigarette licenses are obtained in the Auditor’s office each year in May at a cost of $125.

Where do I obtain my junkyard license?

Junkyard licenses are obtained in the Auditor’s office each year at a cost of $10. The Washington County Sheriff’s office must inspect and approve the location before the license may be issued.

Who do I contact about the status of a county employee?

The Fiscal Office may answer questions concerning a Washington County employee. Some information is not public and must be obtained from their official or department head. 

How much is the Conveyance Fee in Washington County?

The conveyance fee is $.40 per $100. As an example, the fee on the sale of a $100,000 home would be $400.